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Remember Seth Hamilton?

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 11:00 pm
by admin
One of the last BBS's we looked at, RoboBOARD by Seth Hamilton still has a couple of mentions in "informercial" style web pages it seems. One of these is stored at the Presidio in northern California. Not sure what sort of attempt at "branding" this is; the spotty nature of the Internet archive (especially when it comes to graphics) is not an asset in this case: ... roboboard/

I was actually willing to give it ago but some other people in my office took our demo/trial box away from me. I never saw them or the software again and I doubt any of them ever actually fielded a BBS. Go figure!

Related: in 1995 I had a demo of First Class. More graphics in that one, all still very new at that time - the 40 x 40 pixel icons and stuff. (Earlier I had refused to have anything to do with CompuServe Information Manager.) I also attempted to chase King Lee (Quarterdeck and DESQview) to have a look at what he was up to... as it turned out none of these things would last very long.