Books about Commodore

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Books about Commodore

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I was looking through Amazon for the Online Guide to the Commodore Computers by Cane and the Canadian site didn't have it! Wonder what's up with that... anyway they did display this related item, the third book in the Commodore trilogy apparently: ... 0994031033

I personally dealt with Commodore for several years and I have to say, they were willing to provide new hardware for our booth at trade shows like "World of Commodore" but generally speaking, overall they provided zero support and encouragement for on-line applications. And this was waaaaaay before Quantumlink which turned out to be the predecessor to AOL (as in "AOL Time-Warner").

On the last day of what was probably the last big "World of Commodore" at the airport here in Toronto, I put on a seminar about BBS'sing, CompuServe and electronic mail and remote databases etc.

Roman Kowalczuk - SYSOP

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